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Sun, 17 Apr 2022


Sun, 5 Jun 2022

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Stand a chance to win the progressive jackpot

Your favourite nine numbers could be your luckiest numbers ever when you play Super 9 at Goldfields Casino! All you need to do is purchase your Super 9 tickets (up to four entries per person) at the Cash Desk for just R20, write your favourite nine numbers between 0 and 36 on the ticket, and then hand the original ticket in at the Customer Service Desk! And just like that, you are in with a chance to win in Super 9! Winning numbers will be selected with a spin of the Roulette wheel – if your Super 9 picks come up within 18 spins of the Roulette wheel, you’ll be a Super 9 Progressive Jackpot winner! Ticket buy-ins will be open from 16h00 to 18h00 on Tuesdays and from 12h00 to 14h00 on Sundays only. The Dealer will spin the winning numbers at 19h00 on Tuesdays and 15h00 on Sundays. Participants must be present to claim their prize. 

Super 9 is… well, it’s super!

Who can win?

ALL our Rewards Members regardless of status level and all our non-carded guests.

How can I win?

Participants must buy their entry tickets for R20 at the Cash Desk – a maximum of four entries will be allowed per participant. R10 from every ticket bought will go towards the Progressive Jackpot and the balance towards the daily cash prize.

Tickets buy-ins will open from 16h00 to 18h00 on Tuesdays and from 12h00 to 14h00 on Sundays only.

Participants must write their nine unique numbers between 0-36 on each set of tickets provided and hand in the original at the Customer Service Desk to qualify


Unclear or altered numbers will lead to disqualification.

Each set of tickets (original and copy) must have the same numbers. Any ticket found to have different numbers or more than nine numbers will be declared invalid and the participant will be disqualified from that specific day’s promotion.

The onus is on the participant/s to present themselves or announce that they have nine matching numbers as soon as the last matching number has been spun. Either intentionally or unintentionally, delaying the announcement until a further spin may result in them possibly having to share the prize with another winner.

When can I win?

Super 9 will take place at 19h00 on Tuesdays and 15h00 on Sundays

What can I win?

Super 9 Progressive Jackpot or a daily prize. The Super 9 Progressive Jackpot will start at a base value of R1500 and reset after it has been won.

  1. No person under the age of 18 is allowed to gamble or participate in this promotion
  2. Any person who has been issued with a Refusal of Entry order, who is self-excluded, or who falls into the category of excluded persons is expressly prohibited from participating in this promotion
  3. The promotion is closed to any persons who are directors, members, partners, employees, agents or consultants of or any other person who directly controls or indirectly controls or is controlled by the company or marketing service providers, or spouses, life partners’ business partners or immediate family members
  4. The promotion is open to Rewards members and non-carded players
  5. The promotion will take place every Tuesday at 19h00 and Sunday at 15h00. Times are subject to change during the promotional period
  6. Ticket buy-ins/purchases will open between 16h00 to 18h00 on Tuesdays and 12h00 to 14h00 on Sundays
  7. Participants must buy-in at the CASH DESK for only R20 cash per ticket. Each participant may buy a maximum of 4 tickets per promotion day. R10 from every ticket bought will go towards the Progressive Jackpot and the other R10 towards the consolation/daily cash prize
  8. Points redemption is not allowed
  9. Each participant will receive a set of two tickets of which the numbers selected must match (original and copy)

Our Goldfields Rewards Programme aims to reward our members each chance we get. No frills, no fuss – just relevant benefits that you can actually use!


Tsogo Sun Gaming proudly supports the National Responsible Gambling Programme. Winners know when to stop. Only persons 18 years and older are permitted to gamble. National problem gambling counselling toll-free helpline 0800 006 008. Tsogo Sun Gaming casinos are licensed casinos.

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